Hi! I’m Lauren. A 20-something, UCLA grad currently on that career path.

The Importance of Sharing Meals
I started this blog because I love to cook and share meals with friends, family, even mere acquaintances. Growing up, my parents made a great effort to have our whole family sit down around the table for dinner every night. My parents were busy, and a home-cooked meal wasn’t always on the menu, but just sharing a meal once a day made a huge impact on my personal development as child.

My Path to Cooking + Healthy Eating
When I took up running in high school, I developed a desire to eat healthier and cook meals for myself. I noticed a big difference in how I felt and how I performed athletically. I realized what a difference nutritious, home-made meals are. I believe that once I started eating healthier meals on a regular basis, my tastebuds evolved to those healthier foods. I started to love vegetables and fruits, and even tofu was ok on occasion. I still love my burger and fries every now and again, but I almost always prefer whole, healthy foods.

A Passion for Cooking
Once I went to college and had to start buying groceries and cooking completely for myself, I developed a love for cooking. While a chore for most people, cooking relaxes me and serves as a social interaction. It became a way for me to bond with my roommates, sharing meals we cooked together or separate. I started cooking with my boyfriend almost daily, which became a great way for us to bond over our favorite recipes, and laugh over the utter disasters. And once a week I would cook dinner with my younger sister when she began attending UCLA.

The Blog Begins
Throughout college I had played around with blogging, web design, social media, and of course, followed my own share of bloggers. I loved all aspects of blogs – from the technical details to the graphic design to the communicative. The summer after graduation I decided to get serious and start my own. It has been a great way for me to continue to pursue my hobby of healthy cooking and explore and develop various other online skills.

As I continue to learn more and more about food, nutrition, and different cooking traditions, I realize how scientific it all is. I love good food, but I also love knowing why it is so good. Why do we enjoy meat so much? What is the science behind how beer is made? Why can you let cheese sit at room temperature in France but not in the U.S.? This blog is a scientific look into the foods we consume. It is a lab report of some classic recipes, as well as my own concoctions. I’ve never been one to follow a recipe exactly, I prefer to experiment. But knowing the basics of food chemistry makes this entirely possible, without having to worry that your meal will turn out an utter disaster.

I hold the philosophy that food and health improve when we learn more about the foods we eat, how to cook them, and how they work for or against our bodies. Maybe cooking is just something you do to survive, or perhaps it’s already a hobby of yours. Wherever your passions lie, I hope this blog will inspire you to explore and experiment with food. Because there are plenty of things we have to do in life – eating is just one of them. So we might as well make it taste good!



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