WW | lifting for runners

Since I’ve graduated from free access to a gym, I have had to improvise my strength workouts at home. It’s not nearly as fun and I find it’s incredibly hard to motivate myself to do weights on my own. I’ll be honest, the single motivation I have to lift weights is to stay injury free so I can keep on running. I don’t really give a crap about getting huge biceps or a six-pack. And if I add too much heavy muscle mass, it makes running harder. So therefore I give you…

A Strength Workout for Runners

Runner's Lifting (1)

Let’s get into the details shall we? I thought about photographing myself doing these exercises, but decided I would prefer not to embarrass myself. So I’ll do my best to explain what I did. Feel free to improvise or look up a better exercise that suits you.

warm up:

  • jump rope 2-3 min
  • jumping lunges jumping-jack style x1 min + ski style x1 min


    • standing lunges w/ weights (I used a 9 lb weight in each hand) 20 reps each leg x2
    • squats + overhead press w/ weight (I used a 9 lb weight, hold weight out in front of you when you do your squat, then press over your head when you are coming out of the squat) 20 reps x2
    • curls 15-20 reps x3
    • push ups 10-15 reps x5
    • standing one-legged squats 10 squats/leg x2
    • one leg triceps dip (think normal triceps dip, but cross one leg over the other, switch legs between sets) 15 reps x3
    • runner’s arms w/ weights (I used 5 lb weights in each hand) 30 sec on, 30 sec off x3

Thera band exercises (I have hip issues, so this is preventative medicine for me. I highly recommend these exercises if you have hip or knee troubles.):

    • standing walk ~20 steps (I have a small backyard) x4
    • crab walk x4
    • squats w/ band around knees 20 reps x2
    • leg raises 15 reps each leg x3

cool down:

  • shin taps
  • and of course, stretch!

Strength training isn’t so bad when you have a fun plan + good music. And there may or may not have been multiple dance breaks in between sets. <– highly recommended. :)

This workout focuses on more reps per set and lighter weights than a typical 10 reps x3 kind-a-gym workout. I think this kind of workout works for me because I prefer longer distance running. I use more slow twitch muscles on long runs, therefore I focus on doing more reps with less weight to activate those muscles. That being said, I have absolutely 0 professional/certified training experience so take this with a grain of salt. I’ve been a runner for 10+ years now, and I find this works for me, but it might not work for you. Feel free to take this or trash this. I won’t be offended.

One last thing. Google Drive has really fun new stock images that I used to create the visual. You should check it out. Just sayin’.

Now, where’s my Christmas cookie?



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