a birthday + manly food

In honor of a birthday, I’m forgoing the WW post (I was just gonna rave about my new Nike GPS watch anyway). Today’s post is dedicated to one very special guy in my life, my dad, and all things he would enjoy.

First things first… the birthday gift!

Figured I couldn’t go wrong with a nice brew. Any one tried this? I got a good recommendation :)

And then came… a feast only a guy would love. Ok, I totally devoured one of these too, but there’s something about guys and their food. I swear, the key to a guy cooking a meal is – no measurements, bacon, minimal dishes, bacon, less than 20 min between prep, cook, and consume time, bacon, and I think I forgot something…yes, bacon.

So to fit the criteria (even though I cooked it, not my Dad)…

Grilled cheese – Bob style
Serves one, or 1/3 if we’re converting to guy stomach units. <–I'm making this up, but can this be a real thing? It sounds much more fun than converting to langleys or microbarns, which are actually real units of measure. No, I don’t know why I know this.
2 slices of bread
grilled onion
roasted garlic – pre-roasted
pepper bacon – cooked extra crispy, just like my Dad likes it
avocado – smashed
cheddar cheese – at room temp so it melts easier

Heat your pan to medium. Add one squirt of mustard to each slice of bread. Grill bread mustard side down until mustard is warm and slightly crisp. Turn bread slices over and make your ‘wich with all the toppings. The only caveat I would add is to smash your avocado don’t add slices to your sandwich. It just squirts out everywhere when you do that. Grill sandwich on medium heat covered so cheese will melt faster.

Grilling tip: if you’re sandwich is overflowing with bacon toppings and you’re afraid when you flip it it’s gonna go every ‘wich way, get your sandwich on your spatula and raise it off the pan. Then turn the pan over to meet the other side of the sandwich. Pan should be upside down at this point. Using your spatula flip the pan over and sandwich should now be on it’s other side, in the pan. Maybe I should make a video of this…I feel like this is too confusing for a guy’s recipe post.

No offense, but for real…



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