pacific northwest

I spent last week adventuring in the Pacific Northwest. Flew into Seattle, Washington and spent a couple days in the city and around UW. Then took a bus to Portland, Oregon and spent time in the city, at Pacific University in Forest Grove, and Beaverton (visiting the Nike national headquarters).

Here’s a visual recap…

On the awesome Seattle transportation with the guy I kinda like.

Pike’s Place

The fish market. Yes, fish were thrown.

I’ve eaten this!!! In Sweden…I wasn’t a fan, but it brings back memories.

Who knew there was a chicken of the woods?

A whole shop dedicated to cheese. Om.

Only in PBR country. Tried it on tap and I have to say, I’m a fan.

The Space Needle!!!

View from the Needle.

I know, we’re cute aren’t we.

Repping that Bruin swag.

Riding the UW mascot. Woof!

Let’s talk about the

At Top Shop in Seattle. One pumpkin spice donut + one original glazed. TO DIE FOR.


And then it was off to Oregon!

Being silly around Nike headquarters.

And that’s all the pics I took in Oregon. I really liked Washington I guess…

There is talk of a rib cookout this weekend…stay tuned!



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