WW | naked running

Before I get into it, let me review the series of unfortunate circumstances that led up to my naked run.

Monday: On my way out for a run and as I go to grab my watch what do I see?

Nothing. The poor little guy died in his sleep. He was getting old, but did we ever share some good times. Sorry, this is no time to be pun-ny. Me and that Target watch spent 8 whole years together. He got me through all my high school + college training. He was one of the good ones. RIP Target running watch. You will be missed.

Tuesday afternoon: New Nike GPS watch arrives in the mail! Good timing! Gosh I’m just darn pun-ny today. Super excited to put it into action, I charge it up immediately + download the necessary software. Eeek!

Tuesday night: I am learning how to drive the stick shift car that my family just got, and the clutch dies. We have to take the car in to replace the clutch. Sigh.

Are you confused yet? Where is she going with this story? Keep reading…

Wednesday morning: Wake up at 5:30 AM to meet up with my running group for our workout. Since the car died last night my mom insists I have to take my brother to school, making me late for my workout and the group leaves before I get there. I can’t catch up with them so I decide I’ll just do my tempo on my own with my new GPS watch! Only to find…it has died. What?! It was fully charged last night. Double sigh.

It’s pretty cool looking though isn’t it? And yes I took all these pictures today, I don’t rewear running clothes. I’m just the laziest photographer ever.

So…I ran naked. And by that I mean, I ran watch-less. Not what you were thinking was it? I’m just that sneaky.

Now running watch-less has it’s pros and cons. For me, I literally feel naked when I run without my watch. I like knowing my time, pace, and distance. It helps me track my progress and push myself. But there are times when it’s good to just go by how you feel. Like today, I still did my tempo but I relied solely on how I was feeling. I pushed myself to get to the level of stress I usually feel when I do my tempos timed (I usually hit 6-6:15min/miles). But without any way to time myself, I had to go off feel. It was definitely different, but it felt good to focus on myself and my run. And it simulates how you might feel in a race, going more off feel than pace.

There you have it. My naked run.

And in case you wanted to see some actual naked running, feel free to watch this Nike Free ad.

Anyone else run naked lately?

And I promise to post more regularly again soon. Life’s been well, life lately.



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