recipe redo + new dishes

So remember that recipe from last week? Coconut curry rice bowl? It’s back, but revamped! I seriously love this recipe. Couldn’t get enough, so I went back for seconds! I thought I would try and make it even better by tweaking it. Dad and brother agreed that it was delicious. My Dad’s couldn’t figure out what the defining spices I used were. Which is good! It means they mixed well. Indian/Mexican fusion. Who would have thought? So upon making round two, I changed the following:

After shrimp were cooked, I fried them in 2 T oil with the ~3 T spice mix + cilantro

Rice cooked by same method, but I did not mix the spices in.

Shrimp were piled onto rice. And consumed with lime + jicama + avocado + broccoli.

Oh yes, and I invested in some new plates! Did you think I meant new recipes by my title? Crafty aren’t I? But I bet your eyes will be much happier now that don’t have to see little flowers next to your omelet.

Two new plates!

And two new bowls!

And you’ve seen him already! All of these were purchased at Target (on sale!) for ~$2-3 each. Not too bad!

I will finally be posting a dessert recipes this weekend! I promise! I realized last week that I have no desserts yet. Blasphemy! Stay tuned!



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