anticipation + oatmeal stout and molasses whole wheat pizza crust

You know that feeling when you’ve been waiting and waiting for something? You’ve waited so long the anticipation of it is almost unbearable. And then that sweet day comes when it finally lands in your hands and you can’t stop dancing around, admiring it, and showing it off. Well, that pretty much sums up my weekend.

UCLA BEAT NEBRASKA 36-30!!!!!!!!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
It feels awesome to finally see some teamwork and good coaching. Looking forward to an awesome season!!!

And another thing…

I finally got a pizza stone!

I’ve been waiting to get one for months and now I have one of my own. Life changing. Seriously. If you’re into making your own pizzas (or breads) at home this will literally change your life. Why? Ceramic heats slower than metal (i.e. your cookie sheets) so it takes longer to cook your food. But the advantage of this, especially with pizzas and breads is that it will be less likely to burn. Metal cookie sheets heat up and cool down very quickly, but also tend to burn things easily. This is due to the electron structure of ceramic vs. metal. While ceramic has shared ionic-covalent bonding where there are relatively few “free” electrons, metals do share “free” electrons. These free electrons are what causes metal to heat up quickly, while ceramic materials take longer. Result? A perfectly cooked pizza!

And now the pizza recipe I promised!

I also splurged in some new dish ware so I don’t continue to maul your eyes with my parent’s 25 year old plates.

Oatmeal Stout + Molasses Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
Adapted from Girl Versus Dough. Makes two medium pizza crusts.

4 cups flour – I used 2 1/2 cups whole-wheat baking flour + 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour; other options include: 4 cups all-purpose flour OR 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour and 1 1/2 cups semolina OR 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour and 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
2 1/2 t active dry yeast
1 t baking powder
1 1/2 t salt
2 T Molasses
1 1/2 cups room-temperature beer (I used an Oatmeal Stout)

Place all ingredients in a stand mixer or if you don’t have one a regular bowl. Mix or stir ingredients until just combined. Then if using a mixer switch to the kneading hook and knead for 7 minutes. If doing this by hand knead for 10 minutes on a lightly floured surface. Place dough in a lightly greased bowl and cover with a towel to let rise until doubled, about 1 1/2 hours. If not using immediately, place dough in plastic ziplock bag and place in fridge. Take dough out of fridge 1 1/2 hours before you want to make your pizza so it has time to rise again. Dough can be kept in the fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for 3 months.

When you’re ready to make your pizza, preheat oven to 450*F. Lightly sprinkle corn meal or all-purpose flour on pizza stone. Divide dough into half. Shape dough until reaches desired thickness and shape. Place dough on pizza stone. Add toppings and bake for 8-10 minutes until crust is just golden. Remove from oven and let rest 10 minutes before serving.

Our game day toppings: chicken spicy sausage, bacon, mozzarella, sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

Game day brew.

Proper way to cut pizza.

Happy football season!!!



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