WW | running shoes part II

My last two pairs of shoes I wanted to share with you are my racing shoes. I wear these strictly for track and road races. They are very light and have little support. So unless you are a serious racer, I wouldn’t go out looking for these. But I just had to share :)

I have had this pair since high school. Yikes that’s scary to admit. They are Brooks spikes that I wore for my mile and 2 mile races. I wear them every once in a while when I do a track workout. And by once in a while I mean I wore them once last year. I’ll get back into track shape one of these days.

And yes, that is my lucky orange ribbon from high school. I’m superstitious about taking it off.

I bought these on sale about a year and half ago. These Brooks T6s are cross-country flats and great for road races. I love Brooks for racing shoes so I couldn’t pass these up. Waiting for a good race to bust these out!

Now for the fun part. I ranted in last’s weeks WW post about how much I love my Nike LunarRacers. However, I found that when I first started running in them, the back cut into my right heel quite a bit. It was not very comfortable. I’m sure most everyone has dealt with uncomfortable shoes, rubbing, blisters, etc. at one point or another. It’s not always possible to fix, but in this case since it was the back of the shoe that was cutting into my heel, I was simply able to trim about 1 cm off from the top of the shoe. Problem solved!

If you try this, be careful not to cut off too much or you’ll risk losing the support of the shoe.

I’m off to Mammoth today for a week of altitude training (and cooking)! Wish me luck!



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