WW: workout wednesdays

Here’s my idea. On Wednesdays I will post about workouts. Ones I’ve done, want to do, injuries, questions you may have, motivation tips, etc. It’s no surprise to me that many of you foodies out there are also into fitness. So figure these posts may be of interest. How does that sound?

I guess this first post will focus on mostly on me. My personal favorite way to sweat is running. I started in middle school and have been addicted ever since. I’ve tried numerous other sports as well including . . .

track and field
cross country
horseback riding
ice skating
water skiing
cross country skiing

How’s that for diversity? I will admit that I didn’t last long in most of these sports, but I’ve got you covered in the running department. Typically I schedule 2-3 quality work outs a week and 4-5 easier, shake out workouts. Takes some of the mental pressure off trying to get in an intense work out in every day, and it helps me focus on taking care of my body and recovering for my quality days. So what do my weeks look like right now?
Quality WOs:
(1) Long run
(1) Short tempo
(1) Circuit training/hill repeats/surges
(4) Easy pace runs (5-7 miles)
(1) Swimming
(1) Yoga

The key to keeping my schedule is a training log, a training/accountability buddy, and a goal. Writing down what you do keeps you constantly thinking about it and reflecting on your workouts. A Word doc, notebook, or Excel spread sheet will do just fine. A training buddy also keeps you accountable on the days you really don’t feel like working out. And having goals – a race you plan to do, and weight you want to reach, a dress you want to fit into, will keep you motivated. I’ve also heard apps can be particularly useful. I’m still lagging in smart phone world, although I hope to change that soon. But I’ve been shopping and found this article pretty helpful.

Oh, and watching the Olympics. :)

Feel free to post workout/exercise questions you may have. I’d be more than happy to answer and I hope this section will be helpful and interesting. How do you like to sweat?



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  1. I’m addicted to variety – it keeps me going! Tonight I did stairs w/a friend, yesterday I did a routine by myself at home on a yoga mat… whatever inspires me at the present time! I love pilates, yoga, kickbox cardio classes, biking, hiking, tennis, working out at the gym, P90X, and probably many others I’m forgetting right now. So yeah, addicted to variety! (Love the Workout Wednesday idea, btw!) :)

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