i’ve moved!

Exciting news, I’ve moved! Modern Taste has now been relocated to laurenedavis.com. Lots of link issues are in the process of being fixed, but you’ll still be able to read all my old posts there. All future posts will also be posted on the new blog. I’m working on new content for the blog as well.

Quite exciting. Thanks for being patient while the glitches are being worked out.



new year’s race – downtown LA recap + review

This past Saturday night I ran the New Year’s Race through Downtown LA. I competed in the half marathon. It was a night race with a start time of 9 pm. My first race in a while, but it felt good to get back on my feet. It was also my first night race since track season back in high school, so that was a bit of a change.

race medal

First, I’ll give my race recap.

I came into this race on the tail end of a nasty cold, with about one month of ‘training’ – if you can call it that. I took about a month off of running between October and November due to nagging injuries. Needless to say, this race was hard. I wanted to come in around 1:30, although I expected this might be a lofty goal. I started out strong the first couple miles, logging 6:30 and 7:00 miles. Then I faced about 5 miles of hills. Steep hills. I am not naturally good at hills, especially when I do not run them often. My lack of training and hill inadequacy got the best of me. Around mile 7, I stopped mid-hill and cried. I actually broke into tears on the side of the course. This was right before the scenic entrance into Dodger Stadium, and I told myself I had to at least run through the stadium before I could find the med tent and call it quits. I made it through the stadium, took my GU to refuel, and thankfully the hills turned into mostly downhills from there on out. Once I got through mile 10, I knew I was going to finish. I made incredible speed on the way home, dropping into 7:00-7:15 miles. Ended up coming in at 1:36, and 3rd in my age division.

I will definitely take this as a lesson. Racing actually sucks when you don’t train. I can’t say I’ve ever broken down and cried in the middle of a race. Overall, I’m proud of my finish time given that I 1. barely trained 2. was sick and 3. stopped and cried during the race.

Now to my race review.

Overall, I felt that the event was well run, but the actual running course was terrible. The course was advertised as a night race through the streets of LA, although we ended up spending 5 miles running around the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. The race also started 15 minutes late, which is really inexcusable given the temperature was in the high 40’s – low 50’s. The course was also longer than 13.1 miles. I gathered that it was about 13.5, which is a significant difference. However, there were some perks of the race that were neat. The night race was an interesting idea and a nice change, but perhaps it should be rescheduled to a warmer time of year. Second, we got to personalize out race bibs. We were supposed to put our New Year’s Resolution, although clearly I missed the memo…

race bib

Would I do this race again? No.

Was it a good kick in the pants to get me back into race shape and worth while? Yes.

So, here’s to starting off 2013 with 13 miles!


new year’s + resolutions for 2013

I know I said I was sort of done blogging for the time being. While that’s true, I really miss the blog-o-sphere. I enjoy the creative process, but I must admit that it is incredibly time-consuming. If I had more time, or thought my blog content was more relevant to my job hunt/career pursuit, then I would be more active.

That being said, I think blogging has tremendous benefits for both personal and professional growth. It’s a great way to enhance your writing and it can be a relatively easy way to pick up some technical skills and online marketing tricks, if you put in the effort. So, I want to get back into blogging in 2013! No set date yet. And I’ve got a few more goals I want to accomplish in the new year.

As 2012 comes to a close (thank god, it was not the best year for me) I thought I’d share my resolutions with you. Plus, I needed a place to write these down so I stay accountable!

My Resolutions for 2013:

  • Design a new website which includes a blog. – I’m learning how to design websites with WordPress, and I figured a new site would be the perfect first project. Look out for a new place for Modern Taste in 2013!
  • Return to blogging – New site + new blog! I’ve been trying to think of new topics I could blog about. I’m not sure a cooking blog is the best fit for me. While I love to cook, I honestly don’t have the time or patience to create these masterpieces I see online. Photography is also, not my thing. Not to mention the lack of a nice camera. I would ideally like to incorporate other aspects of my life into my blog, including running, beer, burritos, and beagles. Random, perhaps. I’m still thinking. If you have thoughts/suggestions on new topics, feel free to comment.
  • Train for a half marathon to go sub 1:30. – Gotta pick one still. Suggestions?
  • Get a dog. – This is where the beagle comes in.
  • Develop my technical skills. – Specifically: online marketing (seo), computer programming, and website design.
  • Learn Java and design an application for Android. – In par with my goal to develop my tech skills. Anyone done this? Suggestions?
  • Develop my palate for IPAs. – AKA drink more beer. In my opinion, this needs to be on everyone’s goal list. Drinking = socializing = we all need more of this.

picture of beer and burrito

That’s my list so far and hopefully it’ll grow. T-minus 12 hours till the new year!